Intimate Connections

Hello again everyone! This month we are going to focus on the theme of Intimacy, the gift that BLUES bring into our lives. Valentine’s day is coming up, a day where we get the opportunity to spend time with significant others. BLUES know this day is coming from a long way off and they are often prepared with something special for their girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend, etc. By something special we mean a dinner to a fancy restaurant, going to a play, seeing the city - anything that involves two people enjoying each others company.

When a BLUE is planning the night out, they already know their partner’s favorite restaurant, movie, play that they are going to. They do this because they often care very deeply about the other person. They also plan about events and outings meticulously because they are very detail-oriented. They think about everything the person likes and incorporate those interests into the night.

One characteristic that promotes this intimate characteristic is their nurturing nature. BLUES want to live a life of meaning rather than merely going to work and earning a wage. They enrich the lives of others and find great satisfaction in doing so.

One example of this is from Dr. Hartman’s wife, and my mom, Jean. Every year when we go on family vacations, she puts together itineraries for everyone. The itineraries include historical facts about the areas we will be visiting, how long we will be there, and places of interest to see. Every trip is always a remarkable adventure filled with memories.

Another recent experience I had was earlier this week. I play basketball every Monday night with a group of friends. After I had committed to going, I got a text from another friend of mine asking what my plans were later on in the evening. I told her I was going to play basketball and she expressed some displeasure in my choice. She was putting together a group to go out to dinner for another friends birthday. I told her I would stop by the restaurant and say hi, but she said “just make sure to tell Maddie happy birthday and I’ll be happy”. Being a little inconsiderate on my part, I replied “if I told her last night does that count?” “Nope,” she quickly replied “today is her birthday, not last night.” Needless to say I was very quick on wishing Maddie a happy birthday.

The thoughtful nature that comes so naturally to BLUES is a blessing for those who are on the receiving end of it. They make sure whoever they are putting together the party for is going to have the best time they can possibly have.

Perhaps one of the biggest key aspects that derive from the core motive of Intimacy is how BLUES care. Caring means that one is more concerned with what they are giving than what they are receiving. When a healthy BLUE is caring, their gratification comes from giving the other person something meaningful and personal. Being on the receiving end of a BLUES giving and nurturing nature is an essential experience to understanding the true nature of unselfishness.

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“Among your life lessons, I hope you have come to realize that none of the greatest gifts of love can be scripted, promoted, or bought. They must come from the heart.” -Dr. Taylor Hartman, Sandcastles.