Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! Every February, thanks to our ancestry from the days of Roman Civilization, many of us have considered it a good time to refocus on those we love. It is a time specifically set aside to remind us how fortunate we are to know how to love or have someone to love in our lives. It is a time to recommit to those we love and thank them from traveling with us through life. Companions come in a variety of different packages: children, parents, employees, friends, and spouses just to name a few. February 14th is a time to reflect on those individuals who have enriched our lives simply by their presence.

Each of the four personalities described in “The Color Code” brings critical gifts to enrich our human experience. REDS teach us about their remarkable gift of power. WHITES quietly offer the enduring gift of peace. YELLOWS remind us that life is to be lived daily and promote their innate gift of fun. While each of these gifts are amazing and much needed in our world today, this time of year offers us a chance to focus on the BLUE gift of intimacy. Intimacy is that reassuring human connection that reminds us we are loved, cherished, valued, wanted and remembered. It tells us we belong!

At this time of year and in this context we are seeking the BLUE antidotes to our personality limitations in order to create life-enhancing strengths. We are looking to see how caring for others, sharing ourselves and giving of ourselves compassionately will free us to live more abundant lives. We have to get over ourselves. Life is not only all about us. It is about others.

To become a caring individual you must make other’s lives important to you. Caring means moving from being the star player to the role of coach. Your success is best experienced when others succeed. In fact, so personal is your commitment to them that you cannot succeed unless they do. Their happiness becomes your happiness. Ironically, caring about others enhances the quality of your life as well. Getting over oneself means getting secure enough with whom we innately are, such that we can be taught by those who are willing to coach us on personal challenges we never dreamed possible.

May we all take a page from the BLUE’S life book and fully immerse ourselves in others. We will slip. We will fall. But we get up! And we continue to get up. Because we care about those with whom we journey through life. We accept them as our burden, just as others accept us to be their burdens. We get vulnerable when there are no safety cords to grab or people of a friendly nature to comfort us. We choose love as the only legitimate motive and reject fear with it’s many treacherous masks of disguise.

Enroll in the abundant life. You already have everything inside yourself to learn the proper equations if you are willing to be coached by those who have the answers. The greatest gifts of human love can only come from one’s genuine heart.

This Valentine’s Day let those you are traveling through life with, know you appreciate them in your life!