REDS Commitment Characteristics

Hopefully everyone’s New Year commitments are still going strong now that it is the second week of January! Going through the month and reflecting on the commitment characteristic that the REDS radiate so naturally, we decided to come up with a few points of how REDS maintain their commitment level and how we can embrace the characteristic ourselves.

  1. Visionary - REDS are always thinking ahead. They look ahead at the possible outcomes and come up with solutions to problems. They are the people who save money in banks to prepare for the future.

  2. Decisive - Making decisions is a positive trait they exude naturally. REDS calculate the options and weigh the consequences quickly and efficiently. Once they have made up their mind, they move on and do not look back.

  3. Motivated - REDS have a fire burning inside that does not go out. Since they are so goal-oriented they use every resource they have to accomplish what they set out to do. They use the force of will to overcome obstacles and setbacks they encounter.

  4. Focused - A RED sees the end result. They know what they have to do to and they do it! They are not easily distracted and are great at prioritizing what will help and what will deter them from their objective.

  5. Determined - Following through is something REDS do! Once they have decided what they want to do, their minds are then made up and they do not deviate from their choice.

These are some of the characteristics that enable the REDS to hold strong to their commitments. By further understanding these traits and how REDS implement them, we can incorporate them into our daily lives to make ourselves better and better understand other colors.

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