Building Blue Connections

One aspect of interacting with other people in relationships is how to approach someone else and ‘speak their language’. When engaging with a BLUE, here are a few helpful things to remember so you have the best outcome. While situations can vary, these can be applied to business, personal, and social interactions.

Developing positive connections with BLUES:


-Be sensitive and soft-spoken in your approach.

-Be sincere and genuine. (They know when you are not!)

-Promote their creativity.

-Emphasize their security in the relationship. (They rarely think they measure up!)

-Be thorough in research and analysis before making presentations.

-Appreciate them. (They always go above and beyond expectations)


-Make them feel guilty. (They already feel guilty enough!)

-Be rude or abrupt. (They think manners are important and don't like mean people)

-Expect them to bounce back easily or quickly from depression.

-Expect them to forgive quickly when crossed. (Their feelings run DEEP)

-Demand immediate action or quick verbal bantering. (They like ample time to gather their thoughts)

-Abandon them. (They crave a sense of security in relationships)

These are just a few ways to begin developing positive connections with BLUES. We will be continually looking at the BLUES and their wonderful gifts they bring. Have you seen these interactions firsthand? What has been your experience? Let us know on the Facebook page where other Color Code enthusiasts are talking about their experiences with other colors!

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