Building Blue Connections

One aspect of interacting with other people in relationships is how to approach someone else and ‘speak their language’. When engaging with a BLUE, here are a few helpful things to remember so you have the best outcome. While situations can vary, these can be applied to business, personal, and social interactions.

Developing positive connections with BLUES:


-Be sensitive and soft-spoken in your approach.

-Be sincere and genuine. (They know when you are not!)

-Promote their...

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Intimate Connections

Hello again everyone! This month we are going to focus on the theme of Intimacy, the gift that BLUES bring into our lives. Valentine’s day is coming up, a day where we get the opportunity to spend time with significant others. BLUES know this day...

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REDS Commitment Characteristics

Hopefully everyone’s New Year commitments are still going strong now that it is the second week of January! Going through the month and reflecting on the commitment characteristic that the REDS radiate so naturally, we decided to come up with a...

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New Years Commitment

Hello everyone and welcome to a new year!

With every new year comes new possibilities and expectations. To help our year achieve expectations, everyone sets goals or New Years Resolutions. When setting goals and working towards something, REDS...

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Thanksgiving: Having an Attitude of Gratitude

This article was previously published by Dr. Taylor Hartman and we thought it was particularly appropriate for this holiday season.

Gratitude: The Great Precursor to Happiness

We won’t be able to appreciate what gift the future may bring...

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Dr. Hartman is on Twitter!

You can now find the creator and author of the Color Code on Twitter! Follow him to see what he has to say about personalities and for revealing new discoveries! You can also message him on Twitter for any questions you may have about him, the...

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Color Code is Going Strong!

As a lot of people are finding out, Dr. Taylor Hartman is back! He is training again on the Color Code, but only for a short time! Holding seminars and new trainings, old clients and new are anxiously awaiting to see what more he has...

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Happy Valentines Day!

Every February, thanks to our ancestry from the days of Roman Civilization, many of us have considered it a good time to refocus on those we love. It is a time specifically set aside to remind us how fortunate we are to know how to love or have...

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Q&A with Dr. Hartman

You asked… Dr. Hartman answered! Several of you asked Dr. Hartman some great questions on social media using #askdrhartman and he has answered all of them in his weekly YouTube series. From parenting to dating advice and everything in...

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Getting To Know The Yellow Personalities

Dr.Hartman continues his weekly series going in depth about “The Color Code” In this video he talks about the Yellows. He talks about their strengths, weaknesses, and their core motives.

Yellows are playful, adventurous, and fun loving....

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