The People Code offers you the opportunity to see yourself and others in a way you never have before. Once you "get yourself" it changes your self awareness and provides tools for effectively connecting with others. This is an experience that you will want to share with everyone.

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Understand your personality type. Why do some things upset you and others don't? What is your core motive? Learn why others respond to you the way they do. What is it that you do that creates walls in your business and personal relationships, and how can you change it?

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Discover how personality types interact with each other. Learn how each personality engages in a team, business and life situations. Understanding others is the key to effective leadership and followership.

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Learn how to re-connect with your soul-mate. Why does he seem so disconnected? Why does she seem so bossy? Understanding the personality type of your significant other will remove those walls you have built in the relationship.

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"Often imitated but never duplicated. This is the original, the authentic people code test."

Dr. Taylor Hartman

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